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Northern Vikings MC’s history

Northern Vikings Mc was founded by a bunch of 4 bikers and one good friend, who had an idea to gather their “wrecks” to the same lot. From this idea a club was born, which was registered during the same year. The real action began when suitable clubhouse was found at Kemi city center.

The colours of Northern Vikings Mc are black & silver. There are two full chapters in Finland, Lapland and Helsinki.


The principle of Northern Vikings is to keep door open to all bikers and clubs and also promote a goodwill among the average citizens. Club has organized several events for the public, including bike shows and children’s charity runs. This has created a lot of positive media coverage.

Also every summer Northern Vikings hosts a Run To 60’s HD-Rally by the seaside of Kemi. On 2014 Run To Sixties event starts at 25th of July and ends 27th of Jyly. Welcome!

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